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Our Proposal

We recognise that traditional business models for supporting the innovation process are unhelpful to companies that need to understand the value such support brings to their business. We also recognise that any single contribution to the innovation process is incapable of being valued effectively, especially before that contribution has actually been made.

Our approach addresses this paradox by applying an open innovation business model to our services. We take on the risk of an uncertain outcome, enabling our clients to equate the cost of the innovation process to a tangible result before such costs are actually incurred.

Our proposal is simple. We will conduct an onsite information gathering workshop, where we will work with you to identify the the most appropriate problems that an evolution or your product can solve. We will then develop targeted, conceptual solutions to these problems using our systematic methodology. You can then choose whether or not to purchase our proposed solutions. It really is that simple.

For more information, please contact us to discuss how we can help you write the next chapter in your business' success.


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