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Systematic Innovation

Innovation is a term overused by companies aspiring to evolve their products and services to gain a market advantage. In practice, true innovation is an elusive brass ring that is rarely achieved. We believe that, for the most part, this is the result of a failure to identify the most appropriate problems that an evolution or their products can solve and a lack of tools to solve them. Our approach to innovation starts with diligent identification and definition of these problems and is delivered through a systematic approach to solving these problems, which is founded on TRIZ principles.

TRIZ is an acronym of the Russian phrase for: "theory of the resolution of invention-related tasks". This theory is a problem solving tool derived from studying patterns of invention in hundreds of thousands of patents across many different fields. It was developed by a Soviet inventor, Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues, starting from 1946. The theory defines generalised patterns in the nature of inventive solutions and characteristics of the problems that these solutions have overcome.

The research has produced three main conclusions. The first of these is that problems and solutions are repeated across industries and sciences. The second is that patterns of technical evolution are also repeated across industries and sciences. The third and final conclusion is that inventions use scientific effects outside the field in which they were developed.


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